Shaurov Publishers & Distributors (SPD) is an independent Importer, Supplier & Distributor of Science & Technology, BBA, & Health Science
(Medical) Books. The company was founded by the Managing Director of SPD early (2000) English who is dedicated to supply and distribute the best in various topical areas for the scholarly and professional communities of Bangladesh. At SPD, we believes in delivering quality content at reasonable prices and aggressive marketing. We believe in leveraging on the latest publishing technology to deliver quality products and services for the benefit of our customers and partners with decades of distribution experience, we understand and anticipate the needs of authors, librarians and book distribution partners, and we continuously challenge ourselves to provide the highest level of products and services Digital nation.


What Makes SPD Different

1. SPD, the publisher & distributor company who deals with only original
2. We have the largest original book stocks in Bangladesh.
3. SPD offers more distribution programs, marketing channels and support services than others.
4. SPD attends more trade shows than any other distributor, and no publishers are ever asked to pay any part of cost of having their books displayed or sold at these shows.
5. SPD’s consistent growth has come not by adding more publishers and titles to its lists but rather by its success in supporting and encouraging the growth of opening new sales channels and by greatly expanding the number of marketing support services offered to its client.

Our Valued Customer

Government & Non-Government Universities, Science & Technology Institute, Medical colleges, Pharmaceutical companies, Retail Book
Shops, Library Suppliers, Academicians, Professionals, NGOs, UN, Scholars, Research, Students, etc.

Our Mission

SPD mission is to innovative and comprehensive educational resources and solutions, and be a responsible, corporate entity that
balances values of integrity professionalism, innovation, excellence, leadership, and social commitment.

Our Vision

The First choice distributor for publishers looking to bring quality academic books, especially in Medical, Business Administration,
Science and Technology in Bangladesh. As a dynamic company, SPD’s vision is to be a leading developer, publisher, and provider of
globally competitive educational resources and solutions for the academic and professional market.

Our Values

Passion for excellence:

We challenge ourselves to excel in all aspects of distribution and most importantly, we enjoy what we are doing.

Customer Oriented:

We strives to create and discover new paths to success for publishers , retailer’s, libraries, and educators so consumers across the Bangladesh can have easy access to the books they want in the formats they most prefer.

Our Team:

SPD team is made up of dedicated, friendly professionals. Who have a wide range of experience and knowledge of the supply and distribution industries.

Innovation & Technology:

Each member of our team is dedicated for creating reliable, customer-driven services through new and innovative technology that get results and move the book industry to greater heights.

Our Bonding:

Our market is global and we believe in the power of partnership with our customers and suppliers to meet our common objectives.